GoPro Max Camera Can Record 360 With 5.6K Resolution at 30fps

Another 360 Camera from GoPro. I wonder what makes this one so different?

If you’re looking for a new GoPro, you are probably eyeing up the Hero 8 (read our full review here). But there’s a new camera in town, and it’s possibly just as interesting (maybe more so) than the latest flagship — even for regular users. Despite the Max ($499) being a spiritual successor to the Fusion 360/VR camera, the pitch is that anything the Hero 8 can do, the Max can do, and often better. Don’t let the twin lenses fool you, this is a GoPro for everyone, according to the company.

So what is the Max if it’s not another 360/VR camera? Well, it will still record in 360, obviously, but once you look at the features and companion software, it’s clear that it’s equally aimed at those who want to make conventional (non-360) videos. That extra lens and its complete field of view are all about creative options.



Before we get to that though, the camera itself has some important distinctions from Fusion — most notable the size. While Fusion was literally two GoPros in a single case — and thus required two SD cards and some editing headache — the Max is a total redesign. It’s much smaller, making it more practical (and mountable), and there’s a color touchscreen just like on regular GoPros, so it should be much friendlier to use. Something else common to the Max and the Hero 8 are the fold-out mounting fingers, something we found to be a surprise hit in our review of the latest flagship Black camera.

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