Nerf Laser Ops Pro Works with your Mobile Phone

Laser tag kit takes a cue from FPS games

This is very exciting! … I would love to do battle with my friends. come on!

Nerf guns are a lot of fun. But the arguments over whether someone got hit and picking up all those darts when you’re done? Not so much. Laser tag has a huge advantage there. Nerf even made its own laser tag guns a few years ago, and this week it updates the line with a video-game-influenced augmented reality upgrade. Now you can track your stats and target virtual opponents — things that fans of foam-dart-based weapons can only dream about.

The new Laser Ops Pro line is launching with two models. There’s the $30 one-handed Alphapoint blaster (also available in a set of two for $45) and the larger $50 Deltaburst rifle. The designs are reminiscent of weapons you’d find in a game like Mass Effect or Gears of War, except for their white and grey color schemes with orange safety tips. They still look like toys, but not in an embarrassing way.

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