Nintendo Vehicle and VR Starter Set Labo Kits

Want to keep the kids busy this Summer? Then go get the Nintendo Vehicle and VR Starter Set Labo Kits … available at Amazon and Best Buy for $20.

Taken from Engadget … If you want to give your kids something creative to do the next time they pick up their Switch, Best Buy might be able to help with a sale on Nintendo Labo kits. The retailer is no stranger to discounting the DIY kits, but this time around the VR Starter Set and Vehicle kits are on sale. You can purchase both for $20 each. They usually cost $40 and $70, making the Vehicle Kit the one you want to go for if you’re simply looking for the best possible deal. That said, you’re getting both at great prices. 

Overall, we’re big fans of Labo. When Nintendo introduced the concept in 2018, we gave the original Variety and Robot kits scores of 86 and 83, respectively. While some of the accompanying games aren’t deep, we thoroughly enjoyed building every Toy-Con even if some took a while to put together. We liked the subsequent VR set less. The blaster was a lot of fun to play with and the headset itself felt comfortable and sturdy, but we didn’t enjoy playing games like Breath of the Wild in virtual realityWe haven’t reviewed the Vehicle kit individually. However, judging by online reviews, a lot of people seem to like it. The Toy-Cons included in that set also look like they would be a lot of fun to put together.  

Source: Engadget


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