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These Razer Anzu Smart Glasses offers IPX4 water resistance, low latency Bluetooth connection, and filters 35% of blue light. You can get them from Razer store for USD $199

Taken from Engadget … Now Razer is joining in with the Anzu smart glasses. Like the Bose and Amazon Frames, it’s basically a pair of glasses with speakers built into the arms that play audio without blocking out the rest of the world. But Razer’s device has a few unique features. Since it’s a brand known for its gaming products, it’s not surprising that Razer offers a “Game Mode” for low-latency sound. It also has blue-light filtering lenses by default and costs $50 less than the Echo Frames and Bose’s newer Frames. Are those features enough to set Razer’s latest wearable device apart from the rest?

At first glance, it’s hard to tell the Razer Anzu and the Echo Frames apart. I picked the “rectangle design” version of the Anzu, and it’s very similar in looks to Amazon’s device. They both have rounded rectangle lenses that are slightly oversized. But on closer inspection, you’ll notice a few differences.

One — the Anzu has larger modules on its arms, which ended up making them less comfortable for all day wear than the Echo Frames. Razer’s device also has two charging ports — one on each arm. And while Amazon’s wearable has dedicated volume buttons and an action key in addition to a touch panel on the right arm, the Anzu has no physical buttons at all. The front section on both arms offer touch sensitive controls.



…. For now, the Razer Anzu’s main draw is that it’s a decent headphone-glasses hybrid with blue-light filtering built in and costs $50 less than the Echo Frames. With better gesture recognition and noticeable improvements in its low latency Game mode, the Anzu could even be good enough for me to say it’s the best of the smart audio glasses I’ve tested. It has the potential to outdo Bose and Amazon if it made those updates and slimmed down its arms, thanks to good battery life and promising features. Until then, the Razer Anzu is just a pair of slightly uncomfortable smart glasses that’s a bit cheaper than the competition.

Source: Engadget


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