Ready! Model 100 – Raspberry Pi Enclosure

This is probably the coolest contraption I’ve seen for the Raspberry Pi … The barebones Pro model will cost you $237, while the “Neo” model includes everything you need and will cost $395.

Taken from Engadget … this recent Kickstarter project we spotted from a Toronto-based company called Ready! Computer Corporation.

The company’s Ready! Model 100 is essentially a case for your single-board computer that includes a mechanical keyboard, stereo speakers, a touchscreen display and enough I/O ports to connect almost anything you need. The enclosure allows you to fit an SBC that’s about the size of a 4×4 Intel NUC board. Oh, and you can carry it around with a guitar strap. Basically, it allows you to build the cyberdeck of your dreams.

The Ready! Model 100 comes in two main SKUs. There’s a barebones Pro model, priced at about $237, that will ship without an SBC or keyboard switches so that you can configure it to your heart’s content. Meanwhile, the $395 “Neo” model includes everything you need to start using the device out of the box. You can also buy the NEO without an SBC if you already have one lying around. And for those who are really ambitious, there’s a $1,100 Deluxe model that comes with a 4×4 Ryzen board, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.

Source: Engadget


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