Upcoming Fitbit Smartwatch Might Include Alexa and an OLED Screen

I thought the buzz for smart watches/health trackers was over … apparently not.

Fitbit said it would shift back to more innovative smartwatches after the Versa Lite floundered, and now we have an idea of just what it meant. Well-known leaker Evan Blass has obtained images of a future “Versa-class” smartwatch that clearly goes beyond the features of the standard Versa. Most conspicuously, it would support Amazon Alexa — you could talk to your wrist much like you can with watches from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

There also appears to be a change to the display. Instead of an LCD with a conspicuous Fitbit logo underneath, there would be an OLED screen with an uninterrupted curved glass surface. This would be more visually appealing, of course, but it could also be gentler on your eyes thanks to OLED’s true blacks.

Source: Engadget


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