Xbox Series S confirmed via leaked controller packaging

I wonder if the Xbox Series S console will be a digital only version of the Series X.

Taken from VG247….  Xbox Lockhart, unsurprisingly, is officially called Xbox Series S.

The existence of Microsoft’s second next-gen console, codenamed Xbox Lockhart, has been leaked yet again. This time, however, it wasn’t just a reference in official documentation.

The updated Xbox controller has seemingly gone up for sale a little early, allowing at least one person to buy it. Twitter user @Zakk_exe shared pictures of the updated packaging, which confirms the controller’s support for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The Verge has since independently verified that is indeed the genuine controller in a genuine package.



This is the first time the name Xbox Series S has been officially used to refer to Lockhart, a console Microsoft has yet to acknowledge even exists. The user in question acquired the controller through Offer Up, a resale website, so more are likely to be out in the wild.

Nonetheless, this is yet another sign that Xbox Series S’ official unveil is quickly approaching. Microsoft recently indicated that it will be ready to share some news in August, so here’s hoping.

Source: VG247

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