Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Leaks

May 25, 2020 0

Will it be faster, better and more powerful than the original S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra? Personally, I’m not a real fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note, but I’m sure a lot of users will

Huawei P40 and P40 Pro Full Specifications Revealed

March 23, 2020 0

The launch date is expected launch globally on March 26th. The Huawei P40 Pro may feature 50X zoom and a custom photography chip! Taken from … Huawei P40 and P40 Pro are both scheduled to launch globally on March

Sony First 5G Phone – Xperia 1II

February 24, 2020 0

Sony’s first 5G phone will probably be a “beefed-up” Xperia 1, featuring a 6.5-inch 21:9 4K HDR OLED display with a 90Hz-equivalent screen to reduce motion blurr. Taken from Engadget … Sony appears ready to

Samsung Galaxy S20 Event Will be an Eye-Opener

February 7, 2020 0

The up-coming Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra will probably feature even more advances in camera technologies. I’d love to see how it will perform. Taken from Engadget …We all know Samsung will update its

Samsung Galaxy S11 Could Be Named Galaxy S20

December 27, 2019 0

Well, I’d actually prefer S20 over S11 …  Taken from 9to5Google … Samsung’s flagship smartphone has changed quite a lot over the course of 10 generations and now, it seems its 11th could be seeing a

Windows 10X Leak Shows Both Desktop and Mobile Interfaces

October 28, 2019 0

One OS to rule them all?  Taken from Engadget … Microsoft has already teased a few details for Windows 10X, but a leak has revealed a whole lot more. Well-known sleuther WalkingCat discovered a (since-pulled) document cache detailing

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is Here

October 18, 2019 0

Nvidia’s Shield TV Pro is “finally” available from Amazon … NVIDIA Shield TV Pro for USD $312 Thanks to an Amazon listing that was first spotted by Android TV Rumors and has since been pulled, we now also

Oppo Side Bezels Feature ‘Waterfall Screen’

July 30, 2019 0

I’m not a real fan of curved/side panels on mobile phones … purely because of the fact that it can easily get damaged. Taken from Engadget …  It’s only been a year since Vivo and Oppo kicked off the all-screen,

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Images Leaked

July 11, 2019 0

Woah, check out the bezel … it’s literally edge-less! You will find a few tidbits elsewhere on the images. The back borrows a page or two from Huawei’s book with a triple-camera rear array (four if you

Motorola Foldable RAZR – Images Leaked

May 1, 2019 0

Fake news or True? Who knows … we will have to wait and see. Images of an unannounced new version of the Motorola RAZR appear to have leaked online. The renders, which first appeared in

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