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Gigabyte Launches the New Gaming Case – AORUS C400 GLASS

GIGABYTE, the world’s leading premium gaming hardware manufacturer, today announced the AORUS C400 GLASS mid-tower gaming case, which has been honored with the 2024 Red Dot Design Award. The AORUS C400 GLASS features a vertical airflow cooling design, ensuring optimal stability and enhanced heat dissipation efficiency within the case. Its compact size of approximately 40 liters still provides an outstanding compatibility, ensuring that performance is not restricted by size limitations. Tool-less design adds convenience for gamers to assembly, enhancing a more user-friendly and efficient building process. Additionally, the case supports RGB FUSION lighting effects, allowing gamers to personalize their rigs’ style with ease.⁠

Optimized Vertical Airflow Design
The airflow design of the case is one of the factors to affect the internal thermal performance. Inspired by the stack effect, the AORUS C400 GLASS enhances the speed of air convection, allowing air to rapidly circulate vertically within the case. This achieves more efficient heat dissipation, effectively reducing internal temperatures. The bottom, top, and front panels all feature large-area vent design, minimizing airflow obstructions and facilitating a large volume of intake and exhaust airflow. Additionally, the case comes with four 120 mm ARGB and PWM pre-installed fans positioned at the bottom and rear of the case, providing excellent airflow paths. This setup achieves high-efficiency heat dissipation, ensuring optimal ventilation and stable performance for the computer system.

40L Compact Size Offers Magical Compatibility
With a compact size of nearly 40 liters, the AORUS C400 GLASS is an attractive option for those with limited space or a preference for a compact system. The case accommodates ATX motherboards, high-end graphics cards, and high-wattage power supplies. For cooling, it supports up to seven fans to ensure excellent performance and can house up to a 360 mm radiator at both the top and bottom, as well as a 120 mm radiator at the rear. In terms of drive support, the case offers up to three 2.5″ SSDs or up to five 3.5″ HDDs, featuring a fully modular installation design that allows for easy assembly by gamers. Additionally, the AORUS C400 GLASS supports both vertical and horizontal GPU installations, providing gamers with the flexibility to choose the best viewing angle for their graphics card.Easy Installation, Level-up Efficiency
All panels feature tool-less design, allowing users to easily detach them with just one hand, eliminating the need for any tools. This simplifies the assembly process, enhancing convenience and flexibility. The top panel also has a detachable bracket for easy installation of top fans or radiators. Users can assemble the bracket with fans or radiators in advance, then effortlessly install the entire assembly back into the top panel, saving time and effort. Additionally, the case is equipped with dust filters on the front, top and bottom, which prevents dust accumulation in long term and provides the optimal cooling performance. The magnetic dust filters on the front and top panel, along with the detachable design on the bottom, make cleaning convenient and time-saving. Furthermore, the built-in ARGB and PWM hub controller provides five 5v 3pin ARGB connectors and five PWM connectors, which allows users to connect extra RGB strips and cooling fans. Build the gaming computer of your dreams!⁠

RGB FUSION Lights Up Your Gaming Style
With its front panel RGB lighting design, the case maintains a subtle style without exaggeration. Below the front panel, light guides can shine upon the desk, enhancing the gaming atmosphere and aesthetic. Pre-installed ARGB fans allow users to pair with other AORUS RGB devices, and with the GIGABYTE CONTROL CENTER lighting software, users can easily customize their preferred RGB effects. The entire case not only showcases the interior setup through the tempered glass side panel but also provides a perfect platform to display all gaming equipment, immersing users in a high-quality gaming experience.

Source: Gigabyte

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