CyberPowerPC Announces Fangbook III HX6


The black and red color scheme of the Fangbook HX6 appears throughout the notebook. From the mesh accents on the fan grills, to the lighting on the notebook’s lid, to the backlighting on the keyboard and LEDs that surround the trackpad, red accents around the Fangbook HX6 give it a truly imposing presence. Even the optical drive bay cover features red accents so as not to detract from the overall style. When the Fangbook HX6 goes to sleep, the red LEDs on the input surface use a “breathing” effect to let you know that the power is just a click away.


Unlike many gaming notebooks these days, the Fangbook HX6 offers a variety of processor upgrade options. The 4th Generation Intel Core i7 mobile processors used in the Fangbook HX6 offer varying levels of performance, and notebook also supports up to 16GB of DDR3 memory for heavy multi-taskers. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M features 4GB of GDDR5 memory and exceptional power efficiency that lets you game for hours on end. The Fangbook HX6 supports mSATA SSDs in addition to standard 2.5″ hard drives for a variety of storage configurations. For extra intense gaming sessions, the cooling fan speed can be kicked into overdrive using one of the three G-Keys located next to the power button.

One of the most common issues for high performance gaming notebooks is the lack of airflow which leads to excessive heat. Using most notebooks on most surfaces without a notebook cooler will inevitably block air intakes and compromise performance. When opening the Fangbook HX6, an automatic kickstand is deployed to prop up the rear edge of the notebook to allow air to flow through the intakes on the bottom surface. This keeps components running cool and at their optimal speed, leading to better long-term performance and reliability. The kickstand also makes the Fangbook HX6 more ergonomic, tilting the keyboard slightly towards the user and reducing strain on the wrist.




The Fangbook HX6 features a 15.6″ Full HD (1080p) LED-backlit display with anti-glare technology. This ultra-responsive panel is great for gaming and draws very little power, prolonging battery life. Light from the display’s LED backlight shines through transparent red strips on the lid of the Fangbook HX6 to show off the distinctive “FANG” design. A 2 megapixel HD webcam situated above the display allows full screen video conferencing and Skype calling.



Source:  CyberPowerPC

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