Lenovo Flex 5G Reviewed at Engadget

This is one of the first 5G laptops to use a Snapdragon ARM-based processor. It looks great … but it’s expensive costing around USD $1,300!

Taken from Engadget. … In 2019, Lenovo announced it would be the first to make a 5G laptop with Qualcomm’s Windows on Snapdragon platform. A whole year later, the company finally started selling the Flex 5G, which is available via Verizon for a whopping $1,400. That’s more than the base model of machines like the Dell XPS 13 or MacBook Air. Why is it so expensive — does it have superpowers? Well, if you consider very long battery life and 5G support superpowers, then the Flex 5G has them. It uses the Snapdragon 8cx chipset that’s similar to the one in the Surface Pro X and the Galaxy Book S. But like every Snapdragon PC out there, this laptop suffers from app compatibility problems and buggy performance. 

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  • Incredible battery life
  • Reliable cellular connectivity


  • Expensive
  • Hit-or-miss app compatibility
  • Finicky performance



The Flex 5G has incredible battery life and solid cellular internet connectivity, but it’s too expensive to be worth buying in a global pandemic and recession. Especially since Windows on ARM still needs a lot more work to be a reliable daily-driver.

Source: Engadget.


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