Samsung’s QLED-display Galaxy Book Laptops Now Available

I never really give two thoughts about Galaxy books from Samsung … until now. The specs on the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex look amazing!

Taken from Theverge … Samsung’s new Galaxy Book laptops are now available for purchase in the United States.

All three laptops — the Galaxy Book Flex, Flex Alpha, and Ion — are equipped with the latest 10th Gen chips from Intel. The Flex and Ion are also certified as part of Intel’s Project Athena program. That means if you purchase one of these two models, you should get up to nine hours of battery life, which is ideal if you are a professional working from home or a college student (who will, eventually, be on the go). You can read first impressions of the laptops from The Verge’s Chaim Gartenberg when he checked them out last October.


The Galaxy Book Flex and Ion were announced back in October, but Samsung did not give a release date outside of “early 2020.” Samsung announced another laptop in the Galaxy Book series, the Galaxy Flex Alpha, at CES 2020. The Flex Alpha is meant for those looking at Samsung’s 2-in-1 laptop line who want a less expensive price range.

The lineup includes some intriguing features: they are the first Samsung laptops to use a QLED display, which is the same display technology that the company uses in its high-end flat-screen TVs.

Source: Theverge


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