LG Hybrid Smart Watch Hands-On By Engadget

It’s something I always wanted something like this. A hybrid smart watch – part mechanical, part digital (with all the bells and whistles). When the battery runs out for the digital part … you still have a working watch!

On paper, LG’s Watch W7 should provide a first-class Wear OS experience and the longevity of a regular analog watch — in other words, the best of all wearable worlds. After a bit of hands-on time here in Queens, though, I’m not sure the reality lives up to the concept’s promise.

But first, the basics. The W7 has a handsome stainless body that, I’m sorry to say, will be too big for a lot of people. It looked relatively nice strapped to my wrist, but the W7 looked absolutely massive on someone’s else just to my left. If you have very thin arms, you can basically write this thing off right now.

The Watch W7 runs the latest version of Google’s Wear OS, and it’ll take a bit of getting used to if you haven’t used the operating system in a while. (The last Wear OS watch I tested in earnest was LG’s Watch Sport, so this update was a pretty big deal to me.) We have a comprehensive review of all the work Google has poured into its wearable OS here so I won’t rehash much of it — that said, the improved notifications view and a smarter take on Google Assistant make the Watch W7 feel plenty valuable.

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