Shark WiFi Robot Vacuum Now Half Price!

If you want to play with home automation … now is the time. You can now get the Shark WiFi Robot Vacuum at half price!

Taken from Enagdget … One of Amazon’s latest daily deals knocks half off a powerful Shark robot vacuum. The Shark AV1010AE robot vacuum with clean base is down to $300 today only, which is 50 percent less than its usual rate and the best price we’ve seen it. It shares many features with the Shark machine that made it onto our list of best robot vacuums, including home mapping, Alexa and Google voice control and the convenience of a clean base.


We’ve been generally impressed with Shark’s robot vacuums, with both high-end and affordable models earning spots in our guides. The AV1010AE is a mid-tier machine featuring improved carpet cleaning with multi-surface brush rolls, suction that’s powerful enough to capture pet hair along with dirt and debris and row-by-row cleaning. It’ll also map out your home as it cleans so you can then send the machine to specific rooms for more targeted cleaning.

Shark’s robot vacuum connects to WiFi so you can control it via its companion mobile app. Not only can you start and stop cleaning jobs from there, but you can also set schedules so the machine cleans routinely on certain days and times. If the robo-vac starts to run out of juice before it’s done cleaning, its Recharge and Resume feature will force the machine back to its base to power up, and once it has a sufficient amount of battery power, it’ll automatically pick up where it left off.

Source: Enagdget


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