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Amazon Prime day has started a frenzy! Walmart has already bashed Amazon publicly with a my sales is better than yours. Best buy has also went with a tuesday tech sale. Each of them are stating that they dont even involve a subscritption. I am sure that many more companies will join suit later this week!. One company is Newegg with thier FantasTech sale day!

Just a few days after Amazon prime has unvieled their intention of a bigger sale then black friday. Newegg has announced their own Tech sale called FantasTech. Newegg is supposed to unviel t he link on Wendsday morning much like Amazon Prime is supposed to start! Which leads me to believe that the sale should start at midnight too.

This news has came about from their own twitter feed. Best buy has already went with a tech sale on Tuesday and Walmart is now having sales all week, along with cheaper shipping. Keep an eye out for other big deals since it has looked liked Amazon might have started a new Black Friday Frenzy! To bad our Christmas bonuses has not came through this early!! Would be even a bigger event, yet I am still looking forward to all the sales that should be coming down the drain pipe. Everyone give Amazon a huge thank you for starting a new trend. Especially during the dead of Summer!.


Source: Newegg


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