Alphacool Unveils the Eisbaer Refill Kit

Alphacool today unveiled the Eisbaer Refill Kit. The refill kit contains all of the important tools you need to fill your Eisbaer CPU water cooling system with a few simple steps. This includes a funnel with G1/4″ thread, a high-quality thermal paste in a syringe, an adapter cable for the pump and an ATX jumper plug. 


Remove the Eisbaer from your ensuring your power supply is turned off. Unplug the 24-pin ATX connector from the mainboard and fit the ATX jumper plug to it. Place the radiator on a table and the Eisbaer CPU/pump/Reservoir unit on a slightly elevated surface. Then simply mount the funnel on the fillport. With the SATA to 3-pin adapter cable you can now connect the pump of the Eisbaer to your power supply. Now slowly fill the Eisbaer with your liquid until the reservoir is full. Now you can switch on the power supply again. The ATX bridging plug starts the power supply unit and the pump of the Eisbaer starts to work. It is important that you turn off the pump occasionally to refill with liquid. The pump must never run dry.

When the Eisbaer is full, you can plug the fillport again. Then let the Eisbaer run a little outside your case, while you shake the Eisbaer in all directions. Ideally, always hold the radiator lower than the Eisbaer CPU/pump/Reservoir unit unit so that the air can move upwards into the reservoir. You will notice that you may need to top up some liquid. The reservoir should be approximately 90% full at the end of the procedure. 

MSRP: 9.95€.

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