Apacer Debuts the AS2280P4 M.2 NVMe SSD

This SSD now brings reading/writing speeds of 3,200/2,000MB/sec and 360,000 operations per second (IOPS) within easy reach of eSports players! NVMe1.3-compliant, the AS2880P4 uses the latest 3D NAND TLC technology to make it an ultra-compact, high-capacity that frees up space for you to further modify and expand your gaming devices. Its max capacity of 480GB makes it perfect for hardcore eSports players, post-production CAD 3D modeling designers, and users demanding high speed and high capacity.

The M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 is definitely the top choice for high performance demands in ultra-thin notebooks, high-power computers, e-sports consoles, mini-PCs, and embedded devices. As a trend-defining SSD brand, Apacer has led the global market with its groundbreaking PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe 1.3 SSD and is now writing history again with its successor, the brand-new AS2280P4.

Using the latest 3D NAND TLC stacking technology, the AS2280P4 leaves its rivals in the dust when it comes to capacity, speed, performance, and reliability. The 22mm x 80mm ultra-compact body accommodates up to 480GB of storage space, while the ultra-thin version is only 2.25mm, which takes up minimal space within gamers’ devices and gives them more space for their other creative set-ups and modifications. Apacer’s proprietary SSD tuning technology now boosts read-write speeds to 3200/2000 MB per second and IOPS to 360,000 operations per second-by far the best performance in this price bracket. Always a proponent of “Super powers to everyone”, Apacer offers the immensely upgraded AS2280P4 without upgrading the price. Now the size of their wallet no longer bars e-sports players, computer nerds, and professionals from making their system the best game in town and coast to the top.

To ensure users of a perfect high-speed experience, the AS2280P4 SSD has built-in protection technology to ensure data integrity and stability: S.M.A.R.T. monitoring technology monitors the SSD drive’s health status and improves system stability. The 120bits/2kb ECC technology finds and kills bugs as you go, while End-to-End Data Protection verifies the integrity and correctness of your data and keeps your data channels safe, while finally, wear-leveling prolongs the lifecycle of the SDD, keeping it stable and fast for longer.


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