Apple is Sorry About the Mac Pro – Promises to Relaunch it in 2018

If Apple do relaunch the Mac Pro … it better feature some KICK-ASS hardware, otherwise it will just be another disappointment. I want to see a GeForce GTX 1080Ti Mini (in SLI mode), 64Gb DDR4 ram, i7-6900K, 1TB NVMe, 10GB storage and the ability to Windows 10! … LOL 😛 

The last new Mac Pro was announced back in 2013, and not much has changed much since. The iconic shiny objet proved a difficult fit for its pro users, and as a consequence Apple is apparently fundamentally rethinking its top-end computer series and everything that comes with it. According to a roundtable the company held with reporters earlier this week, Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing added that since its new Pro will be a far more modular system, you can also expect a new Pro display to land alongside it. However, it told Buzzfeed that “You won’t see any of these products this year.” That’s because Apple’s engineering team is apparently still working to design a system that can easily and efficiently be upgraded — the biggest issue many had with the current Mac Pro.

We’ll note that the Pro devices are a smaller part of Apple’s computer pie: Schiller noted that desktop make up just 20 percent of the Macs it ships — and its Mac sales were up in 2016, compared to the still-shrinking Windows PC market. Apple said that its Mac Pro owners are a “single-digit percentage.”

Source: Engadget


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