Bykski Rolls Out Radeon VII Full-coverage Water-block with RGB LED Lighting

They’re one of the first manufacturers to produce a waterblock for the Radeon VII … Well done!

Chinese liquid cooling major Bykski rolled out one of the first full-coverage water-blocks for AMD Radeon VII, the Bykski A-Radeon VII-X. This block uses nickel-plated copper as its main material, with a clear-acrylic top. The metal part doesn’t span the entire length of the block, since AMD has concentrated all heat on the Radeon VII through its multi-chip module approach, and hot VRM components surrounding the MCM in close proximity.

The acrylic top spans the entire length of the reference PCB for cosmetic reasons. The top is studded with nine addressable RGB diodes that take in a standardized 3-pin aRGB header input. The block supports standard G 1/4″ fittings. The company didn’t reveal pricing.

Source: TPU


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