CES 2018: ADATA Shows Off “Project Jellyfish” – A Mineral-oil Based DIMM Heatspreader

Very interesting … mineral-oil based heatspreader for DIMMs.

ADATA at its 2018 International CES booth showed off a prototype titled “Project Jellyfish.” This is a proof-of-concept that memory modules can be cooled with a “liquid heatsink” made of mineral oil, an electrically non-conductive liquid that can conduct some heat, and is used in oil immersed PCs, and to cool large transformers in power distribution grids. In its current iteration, Project Jellyfish is simply a small acrylic tank enclosing a DIMM, that has some mineral oil filled in it. This amount of oil can at best spread some heat, but with the lack of any visible metal heatsink, it remains to be seen by how much it lowers temperatures. This isn’t an actual product, and so there’s no timeline on when it’s implemented on one.

Source: TPU


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