COLORFUL Reimagines its Liquid-Cooled Graphics Card: Enter iGame GTX1080Ti Neptune W

July 12th, 2017, Shenzhen, China – Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, officially debuts the international name for its liquid-cooled GPUs with the announcement of the Neptune series of graphics cards, starting off with the most powerful model which debuted in COMPUTEX, the iGame GTX1080Ti Neptune W.

The iGame GTX1080Ti Neptune W ships with 3584 CUDA cores, and runs at a base clock frequency of 1594 MHz while the GPU Boost clock speed can go up to 1708MHz. To improve the performance even further, the iGame GTX1080Ti Neptune W has also been outfitted with GDDR5X memory module running at 11 Gbps that bring gamers more powerful game performance.

The integrated water-cooling, named as Shielizer Cooler, which has inspirations from Vultune’s Shield. One of its awesome features is that it is capable of displaying 16.8 million colors via its  RGB lights and customers can change lights modules by using iGame-Zone II

The waterblock base and copper pipes are built with red coppe which has extreme thermal conductivity to bring heat onto the cooling liquid and then pushing them to the radiator via the water pump. Integrated die-cast aluminum plate cools as well as improve the card integrity, the powerful heat dissipation keeps core running stably with lower temp.

The Radiator, waterblock and fans are all specially designed for the iGame GTX 1080Ti Neptune W. Two 120mm fans run at almost 0 db, running silent while enhancing air pressure to easier through cooling fins. The fans are connected via the motherboard fan headers to power and control the fans.

The updated iGame-Zone II is the utility for use with COLORFUL iGame products. The download link is:


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