Dell Says Farewell to the Alienware X51

Alienware X51

To our dearest Alienware X51,

It’s never easy saying goodbye. But the time has come.

In four brilliant years you’ve garnered tons of product awards and found your way into the hearts of countless gamers.

Your sleek design, solid performance and steadfast reliability made you a darling among eSports fans and tournament organizers alike. Your affordability introduced Alienware to a whole new group of players, a first opportunity to wade into the shimmering pool of VR gaming.

When you hit the scene in 2012, the critics were positive across the board. PC Magazine, in its Editors’ Choice review, praised your “full-size hard drive, desktop-class quad-core processor, and, best of all, a 150-watt discrete graphics card with multimonitor support.” CNET affirmed that “Alienware has successfully brought its brand to an affordable, suitably stylized package,” recommending X51 to “anyone in the market for a mainstream gaming PC.”

You proved that big things can come in small packages, as Computer World wrote, “offering excellent gaming performance in a slim chassis.” IGN recognized that you were specifically designed to slide into an entertainment center, and that, paired with a wireless keyboard or controller, could be played from the couch “while delivering graphics far superior to the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.”

X51, you’ve been an amazing competitor. As the world’s top athletes prepare to assemble in Rio, your success might be seen like a relay runner – giving it everything, then passing the baton forward.

To whom do you pass the baton? Not just one, but two worthy successors: Aurora and Alpha.


For gamers looking for a mid-tower desktop with full-scale power and performance, not to mention an affordable entry into 4k gaming and VR, the Aurora is a champion. Get the latest and greatest processors from Intel, with an option for liquid cooling, as well support for peak graphics performance from NVidia Pascal and, coming soon, AMD Polaris GPUs. With a smaller footprint than the previous version, the new Alienware Aurora packs more dedicated graphics power, plus incredible responsiveness and storage capacity, in an aggressive midsize tower. Much of the graphics and storage expandability can come easy with Alienware’s first chassis that allows tool-less access, and with a wide variety of performance and pricing options, gamers can have a great gaming system starting at $799.99.


For those who need an ultra-small form factor desktop that packs a punch, gamers need look no further than the Alienware Alpha. Its ultra-compact design fits any environment and is ideal for portable LAN parties. It’s also packed with power, its NVIDIA GTX 960 delivering 60 percent better graphics than the previous generation, cranking through some of the latest and most demanding PC games. Also newly compatible with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, the new Alpha has the upgradeability to rock the living room or the dorm room. Prices start at $599.99.

X51, we’ll never forget you. And the same goes for our X51 customers; you aren’t forgotten either and we’ll certainly continue to honor your warranty.

Some relationships are forever.

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