EK Waterblocks releasing updated version of the entry level L series kit

L360 R2

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EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is excited to introduce the new updated (R2.0) line of EK-KIT L series value orientated, yet powerful liquid cooling kits. These new and improved kits are direct successors of world renown EK-KIT L series kits. In new revision EK Water Blocks has again prepared three differently sized models: EK-KIT L120 R2.0, L240 R2.0 and L360 2.0, the only difference between them being the size of the radiator and the number of accompanied fans.

EK Waterblocks, famous for there of course waterblocks and other custom watercooling equipment. But Because choosing a good compatible watercooling set for example: matching tube and fittings. Or people forgetting to buy some parts like not enough fittings to give you an example. EK chose to sell custom watercooling kits. They basically just shoved all needed and compaatible watercooling equipment such as: a radiator + fans, pump, reservoir, waterblock, fittings, tube and an installation guide. Now after some time they tought it was time to upgrade there entry level L series kit.

The EK-KIT L series Revision 2.0 liquid cooling kits are designed for all users who seek simple, yet quality and efficient all-in-one solution, assembled from selected market proven components.

The main change is from the original revision is the new high-performing EK-Supremacy MX UNI water block and a more reliable and powerful pump/reservoir combo unit with Laing/Xylem DCC series PWM liquid cooling pump. EK-Vardar high-static pressure fans are now also standard on every L series kit.

Kits are easy to install, use and maintain, a thorough installation manual is included. Further descriptions and specifications of individual items can be found in EK Webshop.

These kits are fully upgradeable with additional EK-Thermosphere, EK-FB, EK-FC or EK-RAM series water blocks and are compatible with the following CPU sockets:
– Intel LGA-775 
– Intel LGA-1366 
– Intel LGA-1150/1155/1156
– Intel LGA-2011(-3)
– AMD Sockets: 939, 754, 940 
– AMD Sockets: AM2(+), AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+)

Made in Slovenia – Europe!

All kits are readily available for purchase through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. Bellow are the specs and MSRP with VAT included:

”        L120 R2L240 R2L360 R2


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