Elephone Will Release EleEnterGame 1 Keyboard

EleEnterGame 1

Elephone continues to surprise the world with their innovative tries but this time, it is something different. Instead of a stunning new Elephone phone, the Chinese multi-talent presents us with a new gaming keyboard.

Ever feel bored with your normal computer keyboard? Try this EleEnterGame 1 keyboard. The device can be customized to light up a specific keyboard segment you like, that too with all colors of the rainbow. It looks pretty firm and grounded with a metal ergonomic build.

A real different experience is offered by Elephone to those who wish to buy their new EleEnterGame 1 keyboard. The company claimed that its rigorous testing will be extensive. Even though, they plan to keep their promise by surprising the customers with a low price tag for their new discovery.

Normal Users would love the design and the user experience. But it is not yet sure, how much the keyboard can influence the diehard gamers out there as the specification details are not yet released, but it is RGB!

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