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ENERMAX Prominent Innovations – The Superior ETS-N30 CPU Cooler



March 14th, 2013, Chino, California – After the successful launch of the ETS-T40 series, ENERMAX now presents the new ETS-N30 CPU Cooler with 2 variants, the HE and TAA. The new lineup fills out the ENERMAX CPU cooler product series and inherits the superior performance of ETS-T40 with patented technologies and featured innovations in cooling designs, but now in a smaller size.

ETS-N30 equipped with the patented SEF (Stack Effect Flow). The 4 punched holes on each individual fin enhance the heat transfer through the new ventilation channels above the fins.

Another smart design is the VEF (Vacuum Effect Flow). The VEF is a unique structure by creating an air channel with bent fin tips, forcing the air to go through the designated air channels while drawing extra airflow into the heat-sink.  VEF maximizes the volume of cooling air and heat dissipation rate.

ETS-N30 employs 3 heat pipes with the HDT structure (Heat-pipe direct touch),which greatly improves the thermal conduction by shortening the distance between the CPU and CPU cooler.

The durable metal brackets also come included with the ETS-N30. The metal brackets protect the CPU cooler that is secured to the motherboard during lengthy usage. The metal brackets have an advantage of the non-deterioration effect, as well as designed for the most user-friendly installation experience.

Moreover, the ETS-N30 cooler pairs with anti-vibration rubber pads, which are designed to minimize the operating noise of the fan for the utmost silent functionality.

Lastly, ETS-N30 features a unique “1-clip” fan bracket design for simple installation; the high thermal conductivity grease is also included to ensure the best thermal conduction between the CPU and heat-sink.The ETS-N30-HE and ETS-N30-TAA differ by fans and their bearings. The ETS-N30-TAA features a circular blue LED PWM 90mm Fan, with 9 diodes up to three times brighter than other competitive products. The TAA model offers extra flair for your rig and our signature ENERMAX Twister Bearing 90mm Fan provides the most extensive lifetime at reduced operating noise.


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