EVGA Reveals Full RTX 20-Series Lineup – Including Watercooled Cards

Of course … it was only a matter of time before the RTX 2080 Ti gets watercooled!

VGA has gone and revealed their entire RTX 20-series lineup, adding to the already showcased XC and FTW3 air-cooled SKUs. EVGA is following the SKU alignment of their previous series, with two hydro copper models being prepared: the Hydro Copper FTW3, the higher-performance part which features a wider watercooling waterblock; and the Hydro Copper XC, which trades some of that extra performance for a smaller, leaner footprint on your system case of choice.

The company will also be selling Hybrid versions of the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti, with a hybrid AIO + blower-style cooler solution; these too will be available under the same FTW3 and XC sub-brands, and are designed for peace-of-mind and plug-and-play functionality. And last, but not least, EVGA will also be introducing blower-style coolers, which should come in at the lowest end of the price spectrum – whether or not they do so at NVIDIA’s official MSRPP, though, is another matter entirely.

Source: TPU


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