GeForce GTX 2070 and 2080 Listed By NVIDIA AIB Manli – Oops!

NDA violated? What NDA? Who cares … 😀

There’s just no quieting the rumor mill. It’s like we’re walking through a field that’s made entirely of small pieces of stone that we inadvertently kick – and under every stone, another tidbit, another speculation, another pointer – a veritable breadcrumb trail that’s getting more and more convoluted. Even as we were getting sort of decided in regards to NVIDIA’s next-generation hardware and its nomenclature and model number – 1100 series – we now have two distinct sources and reports popping one right after the other that point to a 2000 series – and that also suggests Ampere might be in the cards for the next-gen product after all.


Case in point: NVIDIA AIB Manli Technology Group has registered at (with the Eurasian Economic Union) product listings that include references to some NVIDIA GA104 and GA104-400 products, as well as nomenclature for NVIDIA’s next-gen cards as being GTX 2070 and GTX 2080. Granted, this could be a registration for future, future products, but it’s very unlikely. The jury is still out on this leak, but if ever the carousel will stop spinning, we don’t know it.

Source: VideocardzEAE Union via TPU


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