GIGABYTE Releases its Latest GPU Computing Server


Putting Together One x86 Processor and One GPU per Blade


There is no question that GPU computing has become an important part of the industry in the last several years. With the raw processing power from GPUs, server applications have become extremely powerful. GIGABYTE has recently announced the new G210-H4G which has been developed in partnership with Carri Systems.

Taipei, Taiwan, October 2nd 2014 – GIGABYTE Technology, a leading creator of high performance server hardware, is happy to announce today the release of its G210-H4G. Developed in partnership with Carri Systems, a French specialist of GPU computing & HPC solutions, this product is a 2U rackmount housing 4 blades capable of receiving one NVIDIA GRID, Tesla or AMD FirePro card each.

The Power of GPU Virtualization

In the context of an unfolding GPU virtualization market and the vast amount of new possibilities that it opens, the G210-H4G is an elegant solution designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind to let organizations, big and small, enjoy the benefits of this fast-growing computing trend.

Compatible with all the models from NVIDIA’s GRID and Tesla product families, and the latest AMD FirePro S9150, this product is a standard 2U rackmount built with 4 blades. Each blade is built with a GA-6LISL motherboard that can receive an Intel Xeon E3-1200 V3 processor, with 4 hot-swappable bays for 2.5″ HDDs or SSDs, and with a special PCIe x16 (Gen3 x16 bus) slot large enough to receive a computing card up to 267mm length and 300W TDP. Each blade has also been specifically designed to deliver an optimal airflow to and around the computing card, in order to give it the proper thermal environment to operate at its best capabilities.
With such specifications, the G210-H4G is an ideal product to unlock the enormous potential offered by NVIDIA and AMD’s professional cards in many types of scenarios, notably for virtual desktops running graphics intensive applications and cloud gaming as well.

Supported Computing/GPU Cards

  • NVIDIA Tesla K40
  • NVIDIA Tesla K20X
  • NVIDIA Tesla K20
  • NVIDIA Tesla K10
  • AMD FirePro S9150

Click here for the complete G210-H4G specifications


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