GIGABYTE X299 Aorus Gaming 3 Motherboard Reviewed at HardOCP

Our good friends over at HardOCP posted a review on the GIGABYTE X299 Aorus Gaming 3 Motherboard. They like it … and so do we!

GIGABYTE adds another product to its ever expanding Aorus Gaming line. The X299 Aorus Gaming 3 sounds like it might be at the bottom of the Skylake-X heap feature-wise, but you can hardly call a motherboard with so many features “stripped” down. The GIGABYTE X299 Aorus Gaming 3 has a lot to offer on paper but can it deliver?

… The GIGABYTE X299 Aorus Gaming 3 motherboard does what it is made for, but do not expect much else if overclocking is your goal. We were actually very impressed with this inexpensive X299 motherboard in that it held stable in most of the abuse we heaped on it. No doubt we asked more of it many times than it was designed for. If a X299 system is in your future and you are looking to get a lot of features while leaving a few hundred MHz of overclocking headroom on the table, while still having an incredible stable platform, the GIGABYTE X299 Aorus Gaming 3 is a great value.

Source: HardOCP


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