Intel Alder Lake Desktop Processor Will Supports DDR4+DDR5

But limited PCIe Gen 5 and Dynamic Memory Clock.

I knew the upcoming Alder Lake processors will support DDR5 ram, but it’s disappointing to know that PCIe Gen 5 will be limited … probably to high-end boards only. 

Taken from TPU … Intel will beat AMD to next-generation I/O, with its 12th Generation Core “Alder Lake-S” desktop processors. The company confirmed that the processor will debut both DDR5 memory and PCI-Express Gen 5.0, which double data-rates over current-gen DDR4 and PCI-Express Gen 4, respectively. “Alder Lake-S” features a dual-channel DDR5 memory interface, with data-rates specced to DDR5-4800 MHz, more with overclocking, reaching enthusiast-grade memory attaining speeds in excess of DDR5-7200. Besides speed, DDR5 is expected to herald a doubling in density, with 16 GB single-rank modules becoming a common density-class, 32 GB single-rank being possible in premium modules; and 64 GB dual-rank modules being possible soon. Leading memory manufacturers have started announcing their first DDR5 products in preparation of “Alder Lake-S” launch in Q4-2021.

The memory controller is now able to dynamically adjust memory frequency and voltage, depending on current workload, power budget and other inputs—a first for the PC! This could even mean automatic “Turbo” overclocking for memory. Intel also mentioned “Enhanced Overclocking Support” but didn’t go into further detail what that entails. While DDR5 is definitely the cool new kid on the block, Intel’s Alder Lake memory controller keeps support for DDR4, and LPDDR4, while adding LPDDR5-5200 support (important for mobile devices). Just to clarify, there won’t be one die support DDR5, and another for DDR4, no, all dies will have support for all four of these memory standards. How that will work out for motherboard designs is unknown at this point.

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