Intel “Alder Lake” Features LGA1700 Socket and Supports DDR5

I don’t know what I’m looking at here … but apparently it’s a leak on the future release of Intel’s Alder Lake processor which will use a new type of socket LGA1700 (sigh!) and supports DDR5 ram.

Taken from TPU … PTT leaked some juicy details of the upcoming Intel “Rocket Lake” and “Alder Lake” processor generations. “Rocket Lake” will power Intel’s 11th generation Core processor series in the LGA1200 package, and are rumored to be a “back port” of Intel’s advanced “Willow Cove” CPU cores to a 14 nm-class silicon fabrication node, with core-counts ranging up to 8. The idea for Intel is to sell high IPC, high clock-speed desktop processors for gaming.

According to the PTT report, there will be three kinds of SKUs for “Rocket Lake” based on TDP: 8-core parts with 95 W TDP rating; and 8-core, 6-core, and 4-core parts in 80 W TDP and 65 W TDP variants. For the 95 W (PL1) parts, the power-levels PL2, and PL4 are reportedly set at 173 W and 251 W, respectively, and a 56-second Tau (a timing variable that dictates how long a processor can stick around at an elevated power-state before retreating to PL1, which is interchangeable with the TDP value on the box). The 80 W TDP parts feature 146 W PL2, 191 W PL3, and 251 W PL4, but a lower Tau value of 28 seconds. For the 65 W parts, the PL2 is 128 W, PL3 is 177 W, and PL4 251 W, and the Tau value 28 seconds.

The report also points to the high likelihood of Intel’s upcoming LGA1700 socket, on which “Alder Lake” debuts, to feature DDR5 memory interface. According to @Chiakokhua (The Retired Engineer), interpreting the PTT report, “Alder Lake-S” can reportedly handle DDR5 at 4800 GT/s (reference), with one 1DPC (one DIMM per channel, interchangeable with one single-rank DIMM per channel). With 2DPC (two DIMMs per channel or one dual-rank DIMM per channel), the memory controllers can only handle data rates of up to 4000 GT/s reference. Overclocking will be possible in both cases. At least 6 PCB layers will become a practical necessity for motherboard designers to have typical 2DPC-capable setups (four DIMM slots).

Source: TPU


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