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Intel Confirms Arc A380 and Arc A350 Desktop GPUs via a Leaked Driver Update

Intel really wants to let everyone know that their Arc Alchemist series of graphic cards are coming … coming real soon LOL! Maybe we’ll see them next year in 2022.

Taken from Videocardz … As it turns out, the test driver that Intel themselves accidentally posted on the official website, contains more than just IDs of unreleased hardware.

We were just tipped (by someone who wishes to remain anonymous) that the SYS files in the driver reveal the names of unreleased Intel Xe-HPG GPUs known as Arc Alchemist. The driver already features as many as four SKUs: two desktops, and two mobile:

  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A380 Graphics Family.
  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A350 Graphics Family.
  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A370M Graphics Family.
  • Intel (R) Arc (TM) A350M Graphics Family.
  • Intel (R) Iris (R) Xe A200M Graphics Family.

This is probably the first time we learn the actual names of the upcoming discrete graphics cards from Intel, and better yet, they are confirmed by Intel directly. This is very likely not the full list of SKUs planned for the Arc Alchemist series. Previous leaks have suggested there might be as many as 5 different variants of DG2 GPUs, varying by core count and memory configurations.

More at Videocardz


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