Intel RM1 Stock Cooler Tested

Using an Intel Core i5-12400 … reaches 73°C.

I have to admit, this stock cooler from Intel looks pretty cool. I like it! Reminds me of the Arc Reactor.

Taken from TPU … The Intel Laminar RM1 stock cooler has recently been tested with the Core i5-12400 by Chinese news site 163. The RM1 will be included with the upcoming Intel 12th Generation Core 65 W Core i3, i5, and i7 processors including the i5-12400. This mid-tier cooler positioned underneath the Laminar RH1 doesn’t feature LED illumination instead opting for a blue colored ring. The cooler was tested by running the AIDA64 FPU stress test for 8 minutes where the i5-12400 reached a maximum reported temperature of 73°C with an average of 70°C.

The processor drew a peak of 89 W with an average of 81 W while the RM1 fan reached a speed of 3100 RPM which was described as audible by the tester. The Intel Laminar stock coolers will be announced alongside the new 12th Generation Alder Lake-S desktop processors on January 4th.

Source: TPU, 163


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