Intel Targeting the Arc Celestial GPUs at Ultra Enthusiast for 2024

An Ultra Enthusiast Arc Celestial GPU from Intel by 2024? Well, that’s another 2 year wait … in computer terms that’s a decade!

Taken from TPU … Intel has recently unveiled its plans for their 3rd generation Celestial Arc graphics cards to compete with NVIDIA and AMD in the “Ultra Enthusiast” GPU market. The Arc Celestial GPU series is now scheduled to launch in 2024 with the architecture currently under active development. These cards will target future flagship cards from NVIDIA however in 2023/2024 we should see the launch of 2nd generation Arc Battlemage products that may narrow the gap.

The timeline Intel shared indicates a launch date of 2024+ for Celestial GPUs so the launch date may slip into 2025. This was previously the year which Intel was rumored to launch 4th generation Arc Druid graphics cards so it remains to be seen if this official timeline will hold.

Source: TPU


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