Intel to Detail Xe Graphics Card Architecture at GDC

I don’t think Intel will make any impact to be honest. Their consumer desktop processors have fallen behind, with AMD (Ryzen CPUs) have been gaining tons of market share. Intel is still on 14nm for crying out loud! … and they don’t have any real experience when it comes to consumer graphics cards. Nvidia will kick their ass for sure, while AMD (Radeon) can finally say they have a competitor they can beat LOL!

Taken from TPU … This year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) that will take place in March is forming to become a very interesting one. According to the GDC schedule platform, Intel is having a presentation about its upcoming Xe graphics card architecture. Saying that “Intel’s brand new Xe Architecture, has been teased for a while, and is scheduled for release later this year! This update brings a significant compute, geometry and throughput improvements over today’s widely used Gen9 and Gen11 graphics.”, Intel is giving us a slight hint of what is to come.

Presented by Intel’s senior developer relations engineer, Antonie Cohade, the talk will include an in-depth look of the Xe hardware architecture and its implementations. Said to introduce “powerful new features”, the talk about Xe graphics should include a mention of the latest trend in the world of 3D graphics, ray tracing, and show us what are the capabilities of the new GPU architecture.

Source: TPU


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