Intel’s IGP-less Core i9-9900KF and i7-9700KF CPUs Now Available

Don’t need integrated graphics?… Well, now you can buy the Core i9-9900KF and Core i7-9700KF online.

Intel will be relasing IPG-less versions of their most popular desktop processors soon, if some retailers’ listings of the CPUs are anything to go by. The i9-9900KF and i7-9700KF CPUs will bring about Intel’s best-performing architecture to date in an integrated GPU-less package, which will allow the company to bring prices down for the end user. Of course, this has all the hallmarks of a bid for a more competitive positioning of its products against AMD’s upcoming Zen 2 products, whilst simultaneously (and likely) increasing profit on every processor sold (we’d expect the savings passed on to the customer to be inferior to Intel’s saved costs at the foundry level).


The i9-9900KF has been found online for $582.50, more than $50 above the i9-9900K’s $530 street pricing, while the 9600KF is listed at $308.75, more than $60 over the street pricing of Intel’s i7-9600K. Remember that these prices are gouged on account of limited availability on the market; when these are more widespread and the market sees stocks in line with demand expectations, these should bottom down. But then again, we’ve seen Intel’s products being price-increased for a while as the company struggled to keep its production up to the demand, amidst a constrained and supposedly already second-line 14 nm process.

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