InWin Launches the 309 Case with Front Dot-Matrix Display

On July 15th, InWin Technology launched a new upgraded version of the 309 ATX mid-tower chassis with 144 LEDs on the front panel to provide players with unique interactive lighting effects and custom panel options. With the exclusive GLOW 2 software of Yingguang, in addition to 12 built-in lighting effects*, the intuitive design of the customized function allows the player to create a favorite dynamic image as desired. 

The 309 comes standard with 4 new EGO programmable fans (AE120). The exclusive GLOW 2 software can not only control the panel lighting effect, but also control the fan light changes and adjust the speed to achieve the best balance between wind speed and noise. Players can also choose to synchronize the fan control via the motherboard supporting the ARGB connector, or use the button on the side of the panel to perform manual mode to adjust the fan and panel lighting effects. Each EGO fan has 16 built-in lamp beads, which makes the light show soft and glare-free through the silicone frame. It is easy to manage with the patented full modular cable.

The 309 can be fitted with seven 12 cm fans and supports different water cooling configurations, including two 360 water cooled rows and one rear 120 water cooled row. The independent installation power supply space is still a big selling point of 309. Three fans can be installed on the side to effectively improve the airflow and exhaust waste heat, so that the heat dissipation effect of the whole machine is more remarkable. The tool-free design of the blackened tempered glass side panel makes it easy for players to remove and replace the hardware; the graphics card support and filter are also one of the intimate designs. The bevel-shaped vent design not only brings out the unique style of Yingguang, but also provides excellent heat dissipation. 

The I/O panel is located on the side of the chassis. The upright arrangement is easy to use. In addition to the USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C slot, it also includes two USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A and HD video jacks. A front panel LED control manual mode is also available, allowing users to quickly and easily switch between modes.

For more information on 309, please visit the official website

*309’s lighting module includes: night light, candlelight, music, flashing, time tunnel, bounce, hourglass, and personal creation mode

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