Lian Li and PCMR Collaborate on O11 Dynamic Space Grey Special Edition

LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of aluminium chassis and PC accessories, is proud to unveil, in cooperation with the PC Master Race, the O11 DYNAMIC SPACE GREY SPECIAL EDITION – CHROME MIRROR FINISH, a limited edition case designed for the PC community. Sporting the award-winning features of the original O11 DYNAMIC, such as dual-chamber and multi radiator support, the SPECIAL EDITION adds on a mirror-like chrome front panel and accents, highly reflective tempered glass panels, and a unique ID numbered plate from 1 to 2,000 units.

“We are thrilled to be announcing the O11 DYNAMIC SPECIAL EDITION, a project in which we were able to collaborate with the PCMR community. It gives the O11D a refreshingly new take on premium design and craftsmanship for cases,” says Jameson Chen, Brand Director at LIAN LI.    

“It’s amazing to work with LIAN LI and see this project come true,” Pedro, PCMR founder. “At PCMR, we’re all about freedom, beauty, and quality. I believe that this limited edition case offers all three: The freedom to create a build that suits you and your style; the understated beauty that makes it a centerpiece of any build; and the unmistakable quality that LIAN LI and the O11 Dynamic are deservedly known for.”


Craftsmanship and Passion
With its flawless chrome finish front panel, mirror finish tempered glass panels, and stealthy black metal frame, the O11 DYNAMIC SPECIAL EDITION sports a unique look only achieved through meticulous electroplating processes. As one of the best water cooling chassis on the market, the black and silver theme of this O11 DYNAMIC SPECIAL EDITION makes for a great source of inspiration to build showroom level systems.

Limited to 2000 Units
At only 2,000 units produced, each O11 DYNAMIC SPECIAL EDITION has an engraved plate featuring PCMR and LIAN LI’s logo, as well as the unique case production number. Each system built in this case is destined to stand out.

The O11 DYNAMIC SPECIAL EDITION is available starting May 22nd, 2020, at MSRP of $159.99 USD. For more information visit the official product page.


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