Lian Li Releases the PC-V359 and PC-Q36 in Two New Color Options


Modular Chassis Now Available in Red/Black and Champagne Gold


Lian Li is at it again, adding two new color options to a pair of its popular chassis, the PC-V359 and PC-Q36. The aformentioned chassis are now available in the Red/Black and Champagne Gold color schemes.

September 18, 2014, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces that the PC-V359 and PC-Q36 are now available in two new color options: Red/Black and Champagne Gold.

Taking Modularity to the Next Level in New Colors

The PC-V359 and PC-Q36 are almost entirely modular – the acrylic top panel can be removed with the twist of four thumbscrews, and once removed, the side panels can be slid right off, providing total access to interior hardware in a matter of seconds.

Versatile Cooling

The PC-V359 and PC-Q36 can utilize air, water, and passive cooling to keep builds running at a comfortable temperatures.

Price and Availability

The Red/Black and Champagne Gold versions of the PC-V359 and PC-Q36 will be available for the suggested retail price:

  • PC-V359WG (Gold): £139
  • V359WRX (Red/Black): £124
  • PC-Q36WG (Gold): £109
  • PC-Q36WRX (Red/Black): £99

Video Overview of the PC-V359 and PC-Q36:

Product Information and Detailed Specifications:

PC-V359 – PC-Q36 –

Source: Lian Li via GlobalPR

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