MSI Announces Upgrade Program for Z490 Motherboards


I’m not sure if this is an acknowledgement of the difficulty in making users upgrade to Z490 motherboards. In order to mitigate this … MSI is offering a sweetner if you in selected motherboards to get a Steam Wallet code worth up to USD $50.00. Check out the upgrade program here.

Taken from TPU … MSI has announced that it is running an upgrade program for its Z490 motherboards. The program is valid for motherboards purchased from May 6th through June 15th. This program will essentially see you being rewarded with a Steam wallet code worth $50 should you purchase a new MSI Z490 motherboard to replace the old (or maybe just last-generation) motherboard you own from Intel. To this effect, MSI is requiring users to register their new motherboard online, take a picture of the boards’ serial number, and upload another picture with your new motherboard and old one side by side – the ultimate shame towards your old, trusty piece of hardware.

The promotion applies to select MSI motherboards, with rewards being tiered according to the expense you had on the new MSI board. As such, users who acquired MSI’s MEG Z490 GODLIKE or MEG Z490 ACE will be rewarded with $50 back. Users who purchased the cheapest Z490 motherboard, the MPG Z490
GAMING PLUS, however, will only see a $10 credit. Interestingly, MSI has included both its own, pre-Z490 motherboards as eligible for the upgrade program… As well as ASUS’. And that’s it. No other manufacturers’ boards are being accepted. Make of that what you will.

Source: MSI via TPU


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