MSI to Bundle Optane with 3 New 200 Series Models


MSI, the leading gaming motherboard brand, is proud to announce the availability for its latest Arsenal GAMING models, the Z270 TOMAHAWK OPT BOOST & B250M BAZOOKA OPT BOOST and latest PRO Series model B250M PRO OPT BOOST. These new models feature a 16GB Intel® Optane™ Memory model pre-installed, ready to boost hard drive performance to new heights, up to 14x faster. Install all the latest games on a regular hard drive and enjoy near SSD performance without having to worry about running out of SSD disk space again with the new MSI OPT BOOST motherboards.

By adding a free 16GB Intel® Optane™ Memory device on the 3 new OPT BOOST motherboards, MSI not only delivers access to latest Intel technology, besides this you get an added value of $50,- for free. Optimize your computer by deliver a responsive computer experience with short boot times, fast application launches, extraordinary gaming, and responsive browsing. Gamers now can enjoy SSD levels of performance and keep the large storage capacity.


Built using the iF award-winning design for best motherboard design, the MSI Z270 TOM


Using multiple USB 3.1 devices has never been faster! Featuring the Lighting ASmedia 2142 USB 3.1 Gen2 controller, offers never before seen USB speeds when connecting multiple USB devices at the same time.


Enjoy a blazing fast system boot up and insanely quick loading of applications and games with MSI motherboards. Turbo M.2 delivers PCI-E Gen3 x4 performance with transfer speeds up to 32 Gb/s for the latest SSDs. It also supports the all-new Intel® Optane™ technology. M.2 GENIE makes setting up RAID easy by taking less steps, using any M.2 or PCI-E SSD (even when used in a mixed configuration).


Experience smooth gaming with MSI GAMING LAN, powered by Intel®. Intel® LAN is optimized for championship level online and LAN eSports by reducing CPU overhead and offering exceptionally high TCP and UDP throughput. This means your CPU can be used more effectively, giving you more FPS when gaming. MSI GAMING LAN Manager automatically classifies and prioritizes the latency-sensitive applications for online games. This ensures a smooth gaming experience with low latency.


Need more M.2 slots for your m-ATX build? The new model B250M BAZOOKA OPT BOOST doesn’t only come bundled with a free 16GB Intel® Optane™ Memory device, it also offers another Turbo M.2 slot for any other hi-speed M.2 device to your choosing. Providing more configuration possibilities, even with an Intel® Optane™ memory device pre-installed. Besides great features and an added value of over $50, the new BAZOOKA OPT BOOST also comes with RGB LEDs for the audio line and around the motherboard edges for a stylish look, able to change to 7 different colors and 5 LED effects. To top things off, a gaming heat sink and IO cover are added to compliment to the looks while providing the best thermal and physical protection.


This great little tool is very simple to use and automatically detects your storage devices connected to the system. When enabled, X-Boost optimizes your SSDs to keep your system fast and maximize storage performance, making sure you reach the battlefield even quicker or saving you a lot of time when transferring data.

Both hard- and software need to be in tune for a smooth VR experience. One Click to VR makes it very fast and easy to get primed for VR. A single click sets all your key components to their highest performance and makes sure other software applications won’t interfere with your virtual experience.

Exclusively, MSI’s new feature, Optane Genie, takes advantage of all speed enhacements Optane offers and makes setting up an Optane boosted system easier than ever in just a single click. Just click Optane Genie and follow the instructions to finish the easy setup, making Optane easy to use for anyone.

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