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MSI is Planning AMD B650 Motherboards with Connectors on the Reverse Side

First we saw Asus announcing their plans to release a motherboard with connectors on the reverse/back side … now, it seems MSI are also announcing plans to do the same on their B650 motherboards. The only problem is … you’ll need a chassis or case that can support it.

It is not just ASUS, but MSI and MaxSun are to add more mid-range solutions based on their DIY-APE design. What should be noted is that the name of the concept series is not the name of the final product. ASUS, for instance, has just released its TUF B760M BTF (Back to the Future) motherboard for Intel LGA1700 CPUs, while MSI had their Project Zero.

The main idea behind this project is an optimized cable management, or to be precise, hiding them completely. What this means is that all power connectors, fan headers, storage, and peripherals connectivity is moved to the back side. However, this concept requires a compatible case because otherwise there would be no way to connect any of the connectors.

It is now said that two MSI AMD B650 motherboards have entered a qualification state. This likely means we are still weeks if not months way from the launch of the final product, but rushing with such a unique concept is likely never a good idea.

Customers should pay attention to compatibility for DIY-APE motherboards. Only some cases are compatible with these motherboards. The original post on Bilibili shows at least two case designs ready for the DIY-APE series.

Source: Bilibilivia Videocardz


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