Neo Forza Announces DDR4-5000 and DDR4-4600 Memory Kits for AMD Zen 3 and Intel Rocket Lake

Regardless the hype surrounding the impending DDR5 memory and boards, Neo Forza (the gaming arm and brand of Goldkey Technology Corporation, TAIWAN) firmly believes DDR4 systems to still be the de-facto choice for the gaming community for some time to come, due primarily to both budget considerations and the large pool of DDR4 community forums. Would not be surprised for DDR4 versions of Alder Lake boards and Zen 4 boards to appear in the near horizon.

Entrenched in this belief, Neo Forza proudly announces release of readily available DDR4-5000 and DDR4-4600 memory. Neo Forza’s frequency segmentation; 3000-3600 MHz | 3600-4400 MHz | 4400-5000 MHz is acknowledgement of bulk of PC gamers and enthusiasts to having systems one to two generations behind very latest CPU and mainboard offerings. Neo Forza’s frequency segmentation practically matches DDR4 motherboard chipset tiers and CPU configurations, thereby eking out every last drop of performance from the system, maximizing budgets across all tiers of enthusiasts.



As an added value to the individual consumer who is unaware his personal rig as a whole may be inadequate to stably run at our rated extreme frequency, CAS and voltage Neo Forza’s modules upwards from DDR4-4000 have added XMP profile DDR4-3600, factory-set at very loose CAS timings to accommodate all grades of motherboards supporting 3600 MHz, to fall back on and begin tweaking the system to reaching own stable thresholds. Consult community tech forums to getting every iota of performance. And as our rated timings are set to be compatible across platforms, the enthusiast can customize even tighter timings for his own rig.

Offering up to DDR4-5000 without exotic cooling is testament to Neo Forza’s quality DIMMs and acumen in binning and screening stable supply of Hynix chips. Our extensive growing list of in-house QC platforms for certifying every kit before shipping includes, not limited to, the following:



Neo Forza believes in challenging the status quo with what is available. We listen to consumer feedback, we work closely with mainboard manufacturers and semiconductor partners, we continually improve our customized in-house binning, and we spare no expense in our processes. Every module out from our factory is made in Taiwan, made with Confidence, made to Exceeding your Expectations. Neo Forza believes. And hopes you feel our passion too.
Neo Forza products is immediately available in USA : Micro Center, authorized national distributor.

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