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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090-class GPU with 600W TGP

This is NUTS … a graphics card requiring 600W?! Are you serious?

Taken from Videocardz … Granted, we are only talking about the flagship models for now, but 600W graphics cards are still something that many of us simply cannot comprehend. The latest tweet from a reliable NVIDIA leaker kopite7kimi appears to confirm that next-gen XX90 class GPU is to feature TGP (total graphics power) of 600W.

One should note that cooling solutions for next-gen GPUs are designed months in advance, possibly even before the graphics chips are ready for mass production. Physical characteristics, such as the GPU size and its position on the board, can be planned in advanced.

Furthermore, just because the cooler is capable of dissipating 600W of power, it does not mean that such configuration will be used by the GPU by default. The cooling capacity is often described as a maximum heat that can be generated by the graphics cards, for instance when power limits are modified by the user during overclocking.

A 600W power limit will surely be a challenge for board partners, however it won’t be as complicated as some users might think. There are many air-cooled models with max TGP already reaching as high as 480W, such as ROG STRIX 3090 from ASUS. The graphics card is still 3-slot think and requires three fans, but this is not really that extraordinary these days.

Source: @kopite7kimi via Videocardz


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