NVIDIA Teases Upcoming GeForce RTX 30 “Ampere” Series on August 31st

It’s coming and it’s going to be BIG! Can’t wait to see what Nvidia’s got for us come 31st August!

Taken from Videocardz … An Ultimate Countdown has started. A mysterious teaser has been published by NVIDIA on social media. The company has not revealed the name of the series, nor did it confirm the exact launch date.

A video teaser posted on Twitter is accompanied by a background image on the official NVIDIA profile page. It says “21 Days. 21 years.” This cryptic message refers to August 31st. This is the same date GeForce 256 was released in 1999, exactly 21 years ago.

This is the first teaser, possibly the start of a longer social campaign. It shows an explosion of astronomical proportions.

NVIDIA is now expected to launch its next-generation GeForce 30 series in early September, possibly on the 9th or 17th as rumored by other media outlets. The date in a teaser indicates that the announcement should take place on August 31st. Two years ago when NVIDIA introduced the Turing series, the announcement was held a month prior to product release.

Interestingly the number 21 multiplied by 256 (from GeForce256) gives 5376, or in reverse 5+3+7+6 gives 21 (this was noticed by Usman and Anthony). The significance of this number is quite obvious to our readers, 5376 was a rumored number of full GA102 GPU CUDA core count.

Source: Videocardz, NVIDIA 


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