PowerColor Presents the Red Devil and Red Dragon RX 5600 XT Graphics Cards

PowerColor today issued a press release where they present the world their new Red Devil and Red Dragon models of AMD’s RX 5600 XT graphics cards. This comes after reports on AMD’s move towards increasing TDP, memory and core clockspeeds on their new graphics card so as to better compete with NVIDIA’s recently price-cut RTX 2060, which would make it a much better performer than AMD’s RX 5600 XT at a slightly higher price ($279 vs $299).

Hence a reported strike back from AMD in increasing performance for their RX 5600 XT with increased power envelope (160 W over 150 W), faster memory (at 14 Gbps instead of the original 12 Gbps) and increased core clocks (1615 MHz gaming and 1750 MHz boost, versus 1375 MHz gaming and 1560 MHz on AMD’s CES press-event slides). The change in configuration brought about changes in the card design, with the higher-powered Red Devil coming in with 1x 8-pin and 1x 6-pin power delivery inputs, instead of the firstly developed 8-pin only. The changes have been brought about by a BIOS change, and not all cards will ship with the new specifications. However, PowerColor said that a BIOS update will be made available for customers to get their RX 5600 XT on steroids. Of course, whether or not it should be the onus of users to do such an update (which may risk in bricking their graphics card) is another matter entirely. The press release follows.

TUL Corporation, a leading and innovative manufacturer of AMD graphic cards since 1997, announces the latest addition to its RX 5000 Series lineup, with the launch of the PowerColor Red Dragon and Red Devil RX 5600 XT models based on the latest AMD RDNA gaming architecture giving gamer’s the ultimate higher-tier 1080p gaming experience.

6 GB of blisteringly fast 14 Gbps GDDR6 memory for the most demanding gamers
Utilizing powerful high-performance high-bandwidth memory at a blazing 14Gpbs, delivering a 16% increase from 288GBps up to 336 Gbps over the reference specs, provides the PowerColor 5600XT models with additional performance under intense gaming scenarios for out of this world gameplay.

No quality compromises ever
Equipped with the newest and most advanced 7 nm AMD RDNA GPU architecture, the PowerColor Red Dragon and Red Devil RX 5600 XT delivers outstanding thermal performance with dual high capacity low noise 100 mm fans and enhanced copper heat pipes for the best heat transfer in a true 2 slot and 2.6 slot cooler respectively. Using only the highest-grade Platinum PowerKit featuring Dr.Mos power delivery while harnessing true digital controller technology and paired with supercapacitors for extreme durability, the cards offer unmatched reliability, power delivery efficiency, and the ultimate thermal protection.

Dual Bios
We know Every gamer is different; both the Red Dragon and Red Devil RX 5600XT feature our customized Dual Bios technology. Delivering a real choice by offering selectable modes between each Bios, allowing gamers to enjoy different levels of operation (overclocking or extreme silent mode) We have your back, as it offers a safety net in case one mode fails simply flick that dip switch.

Devil Greatness – Devil Expertise
Not only does the Red Devil 5600XT come with industry-leading performance cooling, it also comes with RGB detailing on the side and the backplate, all controlled with our slick Devil Zone software, allowing customization to match any gamers PC look. Gamers who purchase the Red Devil model also have the benefit of being able to join the exclusive invitation-only Devil Club, where they can participate in giveaways, chat, request for support, and much more…

Source: Videocardz


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