Rumor: NVIDIA RTX 40 Series “Ada” GPU Could Reach 800W Power Limit on PCs

And up to 175 watts for Mobile/Laptop.

You’ll need a hefty power supply for the upcoming NVIDIA RTX 40 Series “Ada” GPU. It’s rumored to have a power limit of 800W for desktop PCs!

Taken from VideoCardz … NVIDIA RTX 40 based laptops would have almost identical power limits as current generation. According to Kopite7kimi, the flagship AD103 mobile part would have a TGP of 175W, the same value as the current GA103 part that launched earlier this year. Interestingly, the same max TGP would apply to the AD104 GPU, and that would actually be an increase by 10W over GA104 models.

The leaker also claims that the power limit for desktop AD102 GPU is 800W. However, it is worth noting that the same leaker previously claimed that NVIDIA is currently validating an SKU with 900W power. This rumored SKU would have higher TGP than the now claimed limit, therefore either of the two rumors is incorrect.

It is important to note the difference between power limit and TDP of actual GeForce SKU. The TDP should almost certainly be lower, while the power limit will lock overclocking from reaching a higher value. Therefore, the listed power limits may not necessarily apply to TDP of RTX 4090/4080/4070 and 4060 series, but rather how much power can be applied by board partners and through manual overclocking.

Source: VideoCardz, @kopite7kimi


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