Rumors – Intel Plans to Announce 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-S in September

What caught my eye is the support for DDR5 ram … and PCIE Gen5?! Let’s wait and see … 

Taken from Videocardz … Intel 11th Gen Core series aka Rocket Lake-S are now expected to debut in March this year. Just six months later, Intel could be showing its Alder Lake-S processor series featuring a completely new socket.

From what we learned from Uniko’s, Intel is planning to launch motherboards first and announce Alder Lake CPUs at the same time. History might repeat itself, Intel just did a very similar announcement at CES 2021. You can already preorder the Z590 motherboards which are scheduled to ship in February, but the 11th Gen processor series is not expected to lunch until March.

In September, Intel would launch its 600 series chipsets for LGA1700 based motherboards. This is a major shift for the Intel platform, as we are now expecting DDR5 memory support alongside PCI Gen5. AMD has so far not confirmed when to expect AM5 socket-based Zen4 CPUs, thus Intel might be the first to launch a completely new architecture ahead of the competitor.

Intel Alder Lake is to feature ‘enhanced’ 10nm SuperFin architecture. The CPUs based on this architecture will utilize Intel’s Hybrid Technology which pairs high-efficiency and high-performance cores under one chip, similarly to ARM’s big.LITTLE approach.

Source: VideocardzUniko’s Hardware


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