Sharkoon Announces SK3 RGB and TK4 RGB Cases

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance quality PC components and peripherals. With the SK3 RGB and the TK4 RGB, Sharkoon presents two compact ATX cases which aim to impress not only with their outward looks but also with what they can offer inside. Stylish glass panels allow a view of the colorful play of colors, which should thus come into their own in the otherwise unobtrusively designed PC cases.

Visually Impressive
With the tempered glass covering on the left side of the SK3 RGB, the case offers a clear view of the installed hardware in the light of the built-in RGB LED fan. This has a diameter of 120 millimeters and is mounted on the rear of the case. In addition to this, the TK4 RGB case has a glass front panel that allows an almost unobstructed view of the RGB lighting inside the casing. The pre-installed 120-millimeter RGB LED fans in both cases should provide an atmospheric illumination of the inner components. With the SK3 RGB, the inconspicuous front panel in carbon fiber style gives a look of elegance without distracting from the colorful light effects inside the case.

Tidy Minimalism
Both the SK3 RGB and the TK4 RGB come in a minimalist design that dispenses with unnecessary gimmicks and should thus contribute to a tidy overall impression. There are various cable openings in the mainboard tray to keep bothersome cables out of sight.

Diverse Cooling Options
The pre-installed RGB LED fans should provide not just a stylish look, but also an optimal airflow and so keep the components sufficiently cool even after hours of operation. The side air inlets at the front of the TK4 RGB, in addition to the three fans which are installed here, will ensure a sufficient air intake. Apart from a pre-installed fan behind the front panel and on the rear panel, the SK3 RGB offers space for two more fans at the front. Both cases offer space for two 120-millimeter fans or two 140-millimeter fans under the top panel.



No Claustrophobia for Hardware
The compact dimensions of the cases should take up little space under the desk, but, at the same time, give the hardware enough space to allow a variety of installation options and a high degree of individuality. Graphics cards up to a length of 33.5 centimeters and CPU coolers up to 15.7 centimeters can be easily accommodated in both models.

Enough Space for Data Storage
Both cases offer sufficient installation options for different storage drive configurations, and so enabling enough data storage capacity for all requirements. Three SSDs can be accommodated at the top of the power supply tunnel or on the mainboard tray, and two 3.5-inch HDDs or additional SSDs can also be installed in the HDD/SSD cage.

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