Thermaltake Rolls Out TG-30 and TG-50 Thermal Compounds

with Honeycomb Pattern Stencil Applicators

Now this is interesting … Check out the processor that’s been uniformly covered with the thermal compound. Love it!

Taken from TPU … Thermaltake today rolled out the TG-30 and TG-50 thermal interface materials. Both appear to be silver particle-based viscous compounds, although the company did not put out their composition. Both the TG-30 and TG-50 come in 4 g syringes. The TG-30 offers thermal conductivity of 4.5 W/m-k, while the TG-50 offers 8 W/m-k.

A unique selling point with the two is the inclusion of a honeycomb pattern stencil and a tiny spatula, which lets you apply the paste onto your CPU IHS in a neat honeycomb pattern for a Thermaltake-recommended Z-height of the application, and uniform spread under pressure from the cooling solution. Thermaltake also includes two alcohol rubs for clearing out its compound from the IHS and cooler. The company didn’t reveal pricing of the two.


Source: TPU 


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